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An effective marketing communications program addresses the spectrum of an organization’s needs, beginning with the marketing communications plan.

The next three steps - attracting new prospects, engaging (and educating) customers and prospects, and retaining customers - are all critical to a company’s success. Leave any one of them out and statistics show that your chances for success decline significantly.

Evaluation involves determining what worked and what needs improvement, which leads you back to refining your plan.

You may want to review your marketing communications plan to see if it covers all five of these steps. If not, contact Kristin for help finding the best ways to fill the gaps.

The 5 Steps to an Effective Marketing Communications Program

Contact Kristin for help with any of the tactics listed below each of the categories, or for help identifying additional tactics which may be useful for your organization.

5 steps to an effective marketing communications program: plan, attract, engage, retain and evaluate.

Kristin's Services

Marketing Communications Consulting

What's your goal?

Kristin can help you fulfil these and other goals.

  • Build a brand
  • Raise awareness
  • Generate Leads
  • Support Sales
  • Launch New Products

Proper planning makes a marketing program more economical and effective. It’s important to spell out the marketing goals ins order to ensure that your campaigns are appropriate and to know if you are on track. Are you aiming to find new prospects or inform your existing customers about new products? Do you want to convey a big company appearance or a down-home feeling? What mediums do the best job of meeting your goals within your stated budget?

We can explore the details and find the mix that makes the most sense for your company's needs.

Print Collateral

What do you send out when someone asks for more information? What does it say about your organization? Is your literature up-to-date, complete, and focused?

Kristin can help you create or update your print materials to help you appropriately present your products and organization.

  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Data sheets
  • Corporate ID (logos, letterhead, business cards)
  • Newsletters

View samples of print materials.

Contact Kristin for a free review of your current materials to find out what she might be able to offer.

Direct Mail

Do you frequently remind your customers about what you can offer them? Are you bringing in as many new leads as you would like? Direct mail can help with these and other goals.


Advertising is one of the most important pieces in an organization's marketing mix, according to Marketing guru Jay Levinson. A magazine ad is one of the best ways to build credibility, he says. Magazines also provide very targeted audiences, which can make them economical.

Trade Show and Event Support

The days and weeks leading up to a big event can be the busiest time of the year for a company or marketing department. Let Kristin share some of the load. From booth graphics to literature to press kits, Kristin can help you prepare.

Writing & Editing

One of the fastest ways to lose credibility is through poor writing. Poor spelling, grammar or punctuation can kill your message, as can wordiness or lack of clarity. Kristin can help you present a compelling message to your audience.

  • technical writing
  • editing
  • press releases
  • articles

View writing samples.

catalogs, brochures, newsletters, articles, copy writing and editing
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