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Print and Direct Mail Samples

  • Brochure (560 K PDF) — a trifold brochure for a wedding deejay that caused an immediate increase in his business.

  • Self-mailer (1.5 MB PDF) — an oversized trifold piece designed to convey product benefits.

  • Mini catalog (1.8 MB PDF) — an inexpensive catalog designed to represent a large product line in a small space with enough detail to encourage ordering. This piece proved very successful, and received significant praise from industry experts.

  • 32-page catalog (3.2 MB PDF) — a full catalog complete with entire product line and customer quotes. Did wonders for product sales.

  • Newsletter (1.5 MB PDF) — 8-page customer newsletter.

  • Postcard (187 K PDF) — an event invitation for a nonprofit organization.

  • Postcard (173 K JPG) — promoting a new product release to a niche high tech market.

  • Catalog (9.3 MB PDF) — a 12-page catalog for a high tech company.
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