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Kristin Allen Marketing & Design was formed to meet the broad communications needs that companies and organizations encounter, particularly as they strive to grow. When budgets and marketing staff are limited (and aren't they always?), efficiency and integration are essential. Kristin Allen Marketing & Design provides a single-firm solution for companies that want strategic and professional communications.

The best campaigns rely on a smart combination of public relations, marketing communications and good old word-of-mouth. With experience in marketing management, marketing communications, public relations, and graphic design, Kristin Allen Marketing & Design is able to build and execute integrated communications that are designed to boost sales, increase recognition and meet business objectives


Kristin created strategic plans and implemented communications campaigns for companies in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

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Before setting off on her own, Kristin spent more than seven years managing the marketing at an industrial computer firm where she helped the company grow by more than 600%. Later, she served as marketing director for a manufacturer of travel bicycles, a company she helped to grow by over 40%.

In both of these positions, Kristin served in strategic, planning and creative roles. She later refined her design skills while working as a graphic designer for a catalog design firm.

Her other employment experience includes marketing for a software firm, and work for a nonprofit housing agency. (For those who are counting, she's been in the game for over a decade.)


Kristin's educational experience includes a masters degree in business (with a focus on marketing), graphic design classes, and an intensive Guerrilla Marketing class. The latter taught her how to get maximum results out of minimal resources using unconventional marketing methods.

Volunteer projects

Kristin's past projects include marketing for a charity run and creating church newsletters. She designed logos and signage for a large church complex including their food bank, community and educational centers, office and sanctuary.

Kristin chaired Lane County United Way’s Young Leaders Circle and also led their marketing committee. She led the PR committee for an embedded computer consortium and served as a Young Life committee member. Her love of bicycling prompted her to found and lead a popular tandem club. She also initiated a pro bono marketing project to help promote a nonprofit environmental organization, Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides.

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