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Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Kristin Allen Marketing & Design specializes in developing effective print materials, writing and editing copy, and helping small to medium-sized companies fine-tune their marketing communications plans.

Kristin combines her creative flair, sound design and copy writing experience, and a practical understanding of the customer to produce marketing collateral that can take your company or organization to the next level.

Perhaps you know that you need a catalog or brochure, or maybe you just know that you need more leads or more sales and aren't quite sure how to get there. In either case, Kristin can help.

Entice and Inform Your Customers

You know how great your organization and product or service is. How do you inform your prospective customers and get them excited about it as well? Kristin can help you spread the word in an enticing and meaningful way.

Enthusiastic customers purchase more, return more frequently and tell their friends. Please visit the services page to get an impression of how Kristin can help you meet your marketing goals and infuse your prospects and customers with enthusiasm.

Why Contact Kristin for Marketing Advice

5 Compelling Reasons

  1. Kristin will help you discover dozens of powerful concepts and techniques that will open up countless new ways for you to dramatically increase your client base and profits at the least possible cost

    Kristin will change the entire way you look at advertising and promotions. You will come away with the “know-how” to out-market your competition.

  2. You will learn how to attract new customers, get more business from old customers and get referrals from current customers

    Learn the secrets to maximum customer retention so that you can get the best return on every new client that your promotions generate.

  3. You will discover dozens of low cost ideas for promoting your business

    This is for those of you who don't have the budget to promote your business. Discover at least one dozen unique ways to promote your business and increase your client base and profits. Many ideas can be implemented for little or no money. You can benefit from these strategies regardless of your financial situation.

  4. You will discover how to create a powerful Unique Selling Proposition that will place you 'head and shoulders' above your competition

    Get more new clients, increase the frequency of purchase by your existing clients and ensure a steady stream of highly qualified referrals once you follow the guidelines to create your own USP.

  5. You will be empowered to easily implement effective marketing strategies in your business

    Kristin will provide a list of ideas on how to grow your business. Some of these ideas will be ways that she can help, and others will be ideas that you or your staff can implement without her assistance.

It's Easy To Get Started!

Getting started on turning your business into a super success couldn't be easier. The cost of an initial consultation is only $100. That's right – for less than the cost of a few marketing books, Kristin will help you develop a personalized list of powerful concepts and techniques to dramatically increase your client base and profits. Just one or two new customers will pay for your consultation.

Kristin guarantees that your consultation will not cost you any money. It will make you money. Contact Kristin today to request your consultation or quote.

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